Vortex meter

Vortex meter VTX 3


  • measurement of saturated steam and superheated steam
  • heat quantity measurement of steam and hot water
  • consumption measurement of industrial gases
  • safety-relevant measurements in SIL applications
  • consumption measurement in compressed air networks
Technical Data
Nominal sizeDN15 to DN300 (1/2“ bis 12“)
Process connectionSandwich, Flanges according DIN or ANSI
MaterialStandard:1.4404/316L / Option: Hastelloy C-22
Flow Range0.36 to 1,840m³/h
(0.095 to 486.08 gal/h)
Accuracy±0.75% of measured value
Repeatability-40°C to +240°C
(-40°F to +464°C)
Viscositymax. 100 bar
Process temperature

4-20mA current output HART® (passive),

pulse, Status, frequency, limit switch

Process pressureGraphic display
Ex-protectionATEX II2G- Ex ia IIC T6…T2Gb


Special features
  • latest modern technology for signal filtering -AVFD (Advanced Vortex Frequency Detection)
  • integrated pressure and temperature compensation
  • temperature compensation for saturated steam included as standard
  • integrated nominal width reduction
  • integrated gross and net heat quantity calculation for steam and hot water
  • comprehensive communication options
  • chemistry
  • oil & gas
  • power plants
  • food & beverages
  • pharmaceutical
  • paper & pulp
  • automobile industry
  • iron, steel and metal
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy and power plants
Wirbelzähler Baureihe VTX 2
Wirbelzähler Baureihe VTX 2

Vortex meter VTX 2

The VTX vortex meter is used for flow and volumetric measurements of conductive and non-conductive fluids, gases and vapours in all industrial branches.


Applications include volumetric measurements for balancing (compressed air systems, heat carriers, vapours, chemical products, for example), process control and high throughput applications, thermal oil.

Technical data
Nominal size

DN15 to DN300 (1/2“ to 12“)

(larger connections on request)

Process connectionSandwich, Flanges according to DIN or ANSI
MaterialStainless steel
Flow Range

0.4 to 20,000 m³/h
(106 to 5,283 gal/h)

Accuracyup to ±0,6%
Repeatability-40°C up to +260°C / 450°C
(-40°F up to +500°F / 842°F)
Viscosityup to PN100
Process temperaturecurrent output with HART® or current pulses and scalable pulse output according to NAMUR
Process pressureeight digit display  up front with operating keys, DTM and AMS drivers are available
Ex-protectionFlame proof or intrinsically safe


  • Extremely rugged and stable measuring instrument
  • maintenance-free
Special features
  • insensitive to pulsations, pressure bursts and temperature shocks
  • with auto-adaptive digital signal processing
  • with P- and T-correction
  • 3 simultaneously and independently usable signals (current output HART®,pulses)
  • with an optional shut-off valve, the sensor and the electronics can be replaced under process conditions
  • optional with complete measuring section and universal flow computer for pressure and temperature compensation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy and power plants