Shipbuilding industry

Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH is a qualified partner in the ship building industry since several decades.

Positive displacement meter from type oval wheel meter are used on the ships for very different applications.  

Bunker takeover from diesel oil (DO) to heavy fuel oil (HFO), for large capacities up to 1000 m³/h

The following meter are recommended:
Oval Wheel meters series OaPcompact measurement system T.O.K.A.

Lubrication measurement
Internal measurement and control of the lubricant consumption

The following meter are recommended:
Oval Wheel Meters series Flowal®

Application: complete loading measurement bunker boat - precision and safety

Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH supplies the complete loading measurement for the fuel- and lubricating oil measurement including MID approval for bunker boats.
The lubricating oil measuring system with an Oval Wheel Meter OI 50 measures various lubricants up to a flow rate of 180 l / min.
The fuel measurements (Marine Diesel / gas oil) is by Oval Wheel Meter OV1000 with a maximal flow of 3000 l/min and integrated temperature sensor PT100, a gas separator of 480 l and an approved density meter DIMF1.3 with integratet temperature sensor PT100.
The density meter allows besides the temperature corrected volume also to calculate with the mass, which is advantegeous.
The control unit consists of 2  Universal Flow Computers UR06 suitable for custody transfer, a PLC and an ex separator unit. The Universal Flow Computers calculates the volume and mass corrected to 15°C with volume pulses, medium temperature and the measured density.
The PLC reads out from the loading Computer via Modbus TCP/IP among other things counter status, temperature and density value, which are used to control the loading process.
By separating the measurement part from the control unit subsequent software modifications of the measurement unit can be achieved withoput any recalibration of the unit. This is a great advantage of our system.
In the control unit is a database implemented so that various customer ships can be deposited.
For 3 measuring sections there are separate touch panels, so that several products can be loaded.
A print with measured values and customer data is used for documentation and invoicing. The approval relevant data of each loading process are stored in a secure memory of the loading computer. >> publication

Consumption measurement
Internal consumption measurement in order to control the fuel consumption of the diesel motor

The following meter are recommended:
Oval Wheel Meters series OaP, series OI   

Advantages of oval wheel meters

• large temperature and viscosity range
• approved for custody transfer
• very compact solution as no in-/outlet section is required at all
• insensitive against pressure pulsation or vibrations
• Lloyd register certificates available (OaP, OI)

Complete loading measurement bunker boat
consisting of:

Gas separator / Oval Wheel Meter /
Control Unit with Universal Flow Computer UR06 / Touchpanel

Marine Diesel (MDO) / Gasoil measurement
Lubrication measurement
Control unit with Universal Flow Computer UR06
Touch panel