Oil and Gas

Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH has been known for many decades in the oil and gas industry as a competent partner in the flow measurement technology.

Loading plants for the petroleum industry

• Tank truck: loading
• rail-tanks wagons
• Ship loading and unloading
• blending Systems
Measuring system consisting i.a. out of:
Oval Wheel Meter series OaP, series OI, in combination with gas separators, filters and temperature volume conversion
Components mounted on skid 

Storage and retrieval measurements for tank storage 

Compact measuring system T.O.K.A. for officially approved measurements and retrieval for heating oil, diesel and biodiesel to max. 1200 l / min

• official approved measuring
• MID-Measuring Instruments Directive
• process control
• customer and vehicle data management
• interfaces to higher level systems

Pipeline measurement systems

• Quantity and flow measurement of liquids and liquefied gases
      - for billing purposes
      - for process control
• Product recognition and quality measurements
• Operable skid-mounted units
• Control and visualization

Measuring systems include in addition to the Oval Wheel Meter series OaP or the turbine meters series RQ necessary fittings, filters, gas separator, display instruments, etc. and pipeline components. Calibration of the counter in the house approved on benches, with a capacity up to 1200 m³/h.

Together with our specialists, we are able to offer not only best components, but also turnkey measurement systems.