Mechanical and plant engineering

Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH has been known for many decades in the mechanical and plant engineering industry as a competent partner, offering optimal solutions for various applications for these industries or Oval Wheel Meters. 

The Oval Wheel Meter is, in the precise amount of measurement and its use is characterized by high accuracy and durability.

The Oval Wheel Meters series Flowal® produced of us in Germany are positive displacement meters. Through its modular construction, they can be used for a wide range of applications. The Oval Wheel Meter series Flowal® is designed robust and is characterized by simplicity and user friendliness. The innovative conception combines decades of experience with modern technologies.

It provides simple, reliable and economical measurement or dosing of volume or volume flow rates for fluids such as water, demineralized water, glycol, acetone, fuels, detergents, lubricants etc ...
Thanks to the available material combinations is this series also for the measurement of aggressive or corrosive media suitable.

We can offer for the registration, monitoring and dosing of different material streams suitable measuring sensors in conjunction with appropriate electronic evaluation for diverse measuring tasks.

For volume measurements of paints and coatings or for use in the automobile industry, there it's possible to get our counter LABS-free, that means free of substances that interfere with paint wetting.

Our level probes find its application for level monitoring and continuous level measurement in storage tanks.

The MID-MDS dosing system not only allows batching of small quantities of approx. 1 ml (MID DN 10; approx. 0.3 sec), but also larger quantities of 5 l and more can be dosed. Some of our convincing features are the ability of dosing extremely small quantities in a short time, compact construction, modular technology and the existing 3A approval.

If the products are not electrically conductiv, we can offer our Coriolis Dosing Mass Flow Meter series FMD and the Dosing Oval Wheel Meter Flowal® series OD in this area as a solution. Both devices are characterized by a high pulse resolution, so that even a very good reproducibility can be achieved.

The devices of METRA Energie-Messtechnik GmbH are suitable for monitoring and measurement of gas flows.

Our density meter of the serie DIMF are designed for demanding measuring tasks. In the area of continuous density and concentration measurement of liquids, such as hydrocarbons, aqueous solutions, liquid sugar, liquified gas, liquid mixtures, fruit juices, chocolate, dough, oil, acids, alkalis, alcohol, ammonia, solvents, pastes, paints, foams, slurries, heat / cooling agent(e.g. glycol), etc. we are the right partner with this device.

For the measurement and monitoring of compressed air consumption, we offer suitable solutions which allow the user to optimize their material flows and hereby to save energy. Talk to us.