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Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH has been known for many decades in the food industry as a competent partner, offering optimal solutions for various applications for these industries.

Dosing tasks

With our magnetic inductive transducers series MID-MDS, manufacturers of packaging machinery can solve precise and reliable their challenging dosing.
Some of our convincing features are the ability of bottling extremly small quantities in a short time, the compact design, the modular technology and the existing 3A approval.

If the products are not electrically conductiv (e.g. edible oil) or need to be filled in weight units, we can offer our Coriolis Dosing Mass Flow Meter series FMD and the Dosing Oval Wheel Meter Flowal® series OD in this area as a solution. Both devices are characterized by a high pulse resolution, so that even a very good reproducibility can be achieved.

For smaller systems, we can also offer a compact controller MDS-PLC, which allows quickly a dosing solution.

Fruit juices, sugar factory, ethanol and fermentation processes

With our Density meters series DIMF the user will find the right product for the area of ​​fruit juices, sugar factory, ethanol and fermentation processes.
For binary mixtures it is possible to derive from the density and temperature, the concentration of the main components. The evaluation electronics can make this information depending on the application in ° Brix, ° Plato or mass concentration in% or volume concentration in% as display and output signal directly available to the user.

Individual application

The Oval Wheel Meters series Flowal® OR, OF are e.g. for the hydrogen peroxide dosage, the optimal volume meter for the user.

Compliance with appropriate surface texture, the correct selection of materials and the use of FDA approved gasket materials, compliance with the high quality standards are among of the essential requirements of the food industry, which we pay attention with expertise in equipment design or assembly.