Chemistry and Pharmacy

Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH has benn known for many decades in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as a competent partner in the flow measurement technology and provides optimal solutions for different applications for these industries.

An essential part of Bopp & Reuther activities are located in the chemical industry: 

Inorganic Chemistry

• sulfuric acid production (e.g. Oval Wheel Meter series OI)
• production of fertilizers (e.g. Oval Wheel Meter series OaP, series OI)

Organic Chemicals / Petrochemicals

• production of plastics, synthetic rubber and elastomers (e.g. Oval Wheel Meter series OI)
• production of ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, ethanol or acetone (e.g. turbines series RQ)

Specialty chemistry

• manufacture of soaps, detergents, cosmetics, paints, varnishes, printing inks and adhesives (e.g. Oval Wheel Meter Series Flowal® OR, OFOval Wheel Meter Series OI; material variations in the Oval Wheel Meter series Flowal®: e.g. Plastics, PVDF: high chemical resistance)
• batch blending tasks can be solved with our compact controller MDS-PLC and the sensors of the series
   - MID    Magnetic Inductiv Flowmeter
   - FMD   Coriolis-Dosing Mass Flow Meter
   - OD     Dosing Oval wheel Meter Flowal®

Pharmaceutical industry

• the formulation of the base materials (e.g. Oval Wheel Meter series OI)
• preparation of medicines (e.g. Oval Wheel Meter series OI)
• dosing of pharmaceutical products with our sensors of the series
   - MID    Magnetic Inductiv Flowmeter
   - FMD   Coriolis-Dosing Mass Flow Meter
   - OD     Dosing Oval Wheel Meter Flowal®


We can offer with the Compact Orifice Oriflow specific solutions with respect to certain materials, high pressures and high temperatures.

With the Vortex Meter series VTX we solve complex tasks, such as high-precision measurements of steam to 450 ° C.

Challenging tasks in quality control of manufactured liquid products can meet our very precise Density Meters series DIMF. For binary mixtures, this allows two-wire instrument, even the measurement of concentration.

Our strengths

• different materials possible (Tantalum, Monel, Hastelloy, PVDF,...)
• high precision
• Ex-protection (ATEX, IEC)